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Where can I buy Abbott Nutrition products?

You can buy Abbott Nutrition products from a chemist near you or online.

You can call 1800-266-0448 (Toll-Free) to locate store near you

Locate a Representative

If you would like to speak with an Abbott Nutrition sales representative, please contact us at 1800-266-0448 (Toll-Free) Let us know your area of specialization and the product you are inquiring about, and our product experts will be happy to assist you.

Where do I get ingredient and nutrition information about your products?

Visit the Our Products section for detailed nutritional information on the products you're looking for or refer to the product label.

Where can my patients buy your products

Our infant formulas and many of our adult nutritional products can be found at any retail pharmacy or grocery store. Products can also be purchased from our online store.

What are the hang times for adult tube-feeding products?

Ready-to-use feedings that have been prepared using clean techniques to decant them into administration containers may be hung safely at the bedside for 8 to 12 hours.

Ready-To-Hang (RTH) Prefilled Enteral Feeding Containers can hang safely up to 48 hours when a new RTH container is connected to a new safety screw connector feeding set using clean technique. Using only one feeding set per RTH container helps control the introduction of microbes from touch contamination. If more than one feeding set is used or if more than one RTH container is used with a single feeding set, the maximum safe hangtime is 24 hours. Follow directions for use provided by manufacturer of feeding set.

In all cases, label instructions should be followed to ensure sanitary handling techniques.

How should your infant formulas be stored?

Store unopened Abbott Nutrition pediatric products (including infant formulas) between 32° F and 95° F; the most desirable range of unopened containers is 55°–75° F. Storage at these temperatures will assure the highest quality product, both aesthetically and nutritionally

Prolonged exposure to temperatures below 32° F or above 95° F could affect the physical consistency of the product and is not recommended

Abbott Nutrition pediatric formula products should not be warmed and then refrigerated

Do not freeze Abbott Nutrition pediatric formulas; freezing can render liquid products unusable

Store Abbott Nutrition pediatric powder products in a dry, cool area. Do not store the actual container of powder in the refrigerator

Use powdered formula within 1 month after opening

Pour prepared formula into individual feeding bottles or cups, cap, and store in the refrigerator. Refer to product label for appropriate storage times

Do not leave prepared formula unrefrigerated

Once nipple feeding begins, use formula within 1 hour or discard

Do not reuse prefilled feeding bottles