Ensure Diabetes Care 

Ensure Diabetes Care

Product Description

Ensure Diabetes Care is scientifically formulated to help manage blood sugar, support weight management5. Ensure Diabetes Care is the only DSN tested in Indian patients1. It helps build muscle mass and supports heart and digestive health6. Ensure Diabetes Care ontains high quality protein and sucralose6. Suitable for lactose intolerance people. It trans fat free and gluten free6

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HalalKosherVegetarianGluten FreeTrans fat Free
Yes YesYesYesYes

Lactose free, trans fat free and by nature it is free of gluten6


Maltodextrin, Calcium Caseinate, Edible Vegetable Oils (High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Soy Oil), Fructose, Cocoa Powder, Minerals***, Fructooligosaccharide (FOS), Soy Polysaccharide, Flavoring, M- Inositol, Vitamins**, Antioxidants (Soy Lecithin, Mixed Tocopherols) Taurine, L-Carnitine and Sucralose

NutrientUNITPowder (per 100g)Standard dilution (per 100ml)
Protein g20.14.42
   Saturated Fatty Acidsg0.730.16
   Monounsaturated Fatty Acidsg8.921.96
   Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids g1.140.25
   Trans Fatty Acids g00
   Cholesterolmg< 10< 2
Carbohydrate g59.7913.14
Sugar (sucrose)g00
Dietary Fibre g5.191.14
Inositol mg305.767.2
Vitamin A (from Palmitate)mcg RE25556
Vitamin A (from Beta-Carotene)mcg RE10924
Vitamin D2mcg40.88
Vitamin Emg alpha TE102.2
Vitamin K1mcg30.66.7
Vitamin Cmg33.17.3
Folic Acid mcg12728
Thiamine (Vitamin B1)mcg582128
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)mcg655144
Vitamin B6mcg1529336
Vitamin B12mcg1.480.33
Niacin mg NE5.111.12
Pantothemic Acid mg2.910.64
Biotin mcg13.83
Sodium mg32471
Potassium mg568125
Chloride mg480106
Phosphorus mg25857
Magnesium mg9120
Manganese mg1.160.26
Copper mcg764168
Selenium mcg16.43.6
Chromium mcg25.55.6
Molybdenum mcg35.37.8



To prepare a glass of approximately 237ml, combine 6 scoops (52g) of powder with 200ml of water.

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2110004379Ensure Diabetes CareENSURE DIABETES CARE VANILLA 26G PS-J26SachetVanNot for sale

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Ensure Diabetes CareVanillaChocolate
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Storage Instructions

The box contains a sealed foil pouch. Once foil pouch has been opened, contents should be used within 3 weeks. Please do not empty the contents of the foil into the container. Transfer the pouch into another clean air-tight container & store in cool, dry place & hygienic place (not in refrigerator). For extra protection fold the foil pouch after every use to avoid powder exposure to environment

Clinical Studies & Whitepaper

1. Ensure Diabetes Care is the only DSN tested in Indian patients1

2. Treatment with Ensure Diabetes Care can improve Time Spent in Target Glucose Range by 13.8% 2

3. 4.5x increase in GLP response in T2DM patients2

4. Can help improve glycemic control  

  • HbA1c up to 1.1%3
  • FPG up to 19 mg/dL1
  • PPG up to 30 mg/dL1

5. Can help reduce weight by upto 11 kgs4^


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6. Data on file. Ensure‰ Diabetes Care 5-01-2017.